Rubicon DKO

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This design is the best rock slider we could possibly come up with. It is available with a round outer tube or an all square version with kick outs that flow into the tires on both ends. If you want the best rock slider money can buy, this is it. The kicks will push your vehicle away from the rocks going forward or backwards. These sliders are TIG (Tungsten-Inert-Gas) welded which is typically used in Aerospace industry. Nothing is spared when building these sliders, all the heavies materials and the most effective welding techniques are employed. If you wheel your truck hard or rock crawl, there is no substitute for these Rocksliders.

This product is made with 2" diameter CREW (Cold Rolled Electric Welded) round tubing and/or 2"x2" square tubing. Both are .120" wall. The legs are made from 1.5"x1.5" square tubing with a wall thickness of .188 (3/16"). The sliders will be delivered in an unfinished/unpainted state, but are 100% ready to be welded to your vehicles frame. No further modifications are required. Just clean the paint off the frame, clamp the sliders to the vehicle and weld away. No legs to be cut and fit, no further fabrication required, this product is 100% ready to be installed upon arrival. This saves YOU a ton of money and time with your local fabricator/welder at the time of install. The exception is the front leg on the 1979-1995 models will be shipped long and then need to be cut to fit as there was a lot of production variance with those frames back in the day. The scab plates will be included and are already installed on all of the other legs (79-95) and welded on all of the other models (96+) at the time the sliders are built. Saving you even more installation cost and time.

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