1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner Extremely Heavy Duty Rear Lower Links


Center tube is made from 1.5" DOM tube that has 1/4" wall thickness. Genuine Toyota Bushings from the dealer used for long life expectancy with no maintenance. STEEL-ITŪ Paint used for maximum corrosion resistance and so you can touch them up after you get trail rash from the rocks.

MADE IN THE USA! With American DOM Tube, from American Steel Mills.

Why don't you make custom upper links?
The best replacement for the upper links is re-bushing your current stock links with the replacement Strong Flex bushings we sell or new stock upper links from the dealer. The reason why is that you can not make either the lower or the upper links longer than that are, because the upper link brackets on the axle tube already clear the Panhard/trac/lateral bar cross-member by millimeters. Longer links will collide on compression causing catastrophic damage. The upper links will never get hit by rocks and the stock units side twist quite well. The small diameter solid stock will also twist like a torsion bar.

FYI: The first few years that we made lower links we used Rubicon Express, Currie Johnny and Summit Machine socket joints. While these joints did have good side twist movement, the problem was that they wore VERY quickly. Rebuilding the cartridge every year is not something we are interested in. The stock Toyota joints listed above side twist just as well and are maintenance free for an extremely long time. Another thing to note is the joint is from a 1998-2002 4Runner. The 1996-1997 4Runners had a hard rubber un-flexable joint. Toyota did a mid model tweak and rolled out the side flex joints for 1998+.


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