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Washer Box Relocation Kit 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner

Washer Box Relocation Kit 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner


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1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner Washer Bottle Relocation Kit.

Cost: $90.00 for the parts and $15.05 for USPS Flat Rate Shipping

3.4 Liter Motor Only! No Deck Plates! Will NOT fit any Tacoma due to the Tacoma having a bottom of tank mounted level sensor and only 1 motor, not 2 like a 4Runner.

Move the windshield washer box from the passenger inner fender to the engine bay. Freeing up room for tires that are 285/75/16 and larger.

2 Liter fluid bottle, powder coated steel mounts and Genuine Toyota filter/strainer and Genuine Toyota cap. 100% Bolt In.

Installed in a 2001 4Runner


Installed in a 2001 4Runner


Parts of the kit: 2 Liter Bottle, Upper and Lower powder coated steel brackets, OEM Toyota Cap, OEM Toyota Filter, 8mm Bolt with washer.


Remove washer fluid tank from the fender, feed pump lines and wires up to the engine bay, unbolt but do not remove the 3.4 air box.


Front and rear pumps and gaskets.


Insert the pump gaskets into the existing holes in the new fluid box.


Attach pumps to new fluid box.


Re-connect the wiring plugs and hose to the pumps. Route the factory wiring in front of the washer bottle and behind the back of the headlight.


Install lower support bracket under the lower front leg of the 3.4 air box.  Place fluid canister between the air box and radiator support.


Air box re-installed and fluid bottle in the space between the air box and radiator shroud.


Install upper support bracket, bottle is then held between the bracket and the forward upper arm of the air box.


Insert Genuine Toyota Filter.


Install Genuine Toyota Cap.


Completed install in a 1997 4Runner.


Empty space in the passenger side front fender you have just created. 

Will NOT work on the 2.7 liter engine, sorry. Will not work if you cut a hole in your 3.4 air box and put a boat deck plate in it. Shipping is flat rate to anywhere in the USA. Canada and International e-mail for shipping rates.