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Camping Rear Seat Cushion Wing Bolts

Camping Rear Seat Cushion Wing Bolts


Cost: $70.00 for 4 wing bolts and $7.20 for small USPS Flat Rate Box
br> If you have ever slept in the back of your 3rd Gen 4Runner you know that it is a bit too short for the average person. If you remove the lower seat cushions you gain an extra foot on sleeping room. These MIG welded bolts and sleeves are designed to replace the factory bolts that you access by removing the covers. With this setup, no tools or cover removal is needed, just unscrew and snuggle in for a good night sleep. You can send your plastic covers to Sonoran Steel and for $20.00 plus postage back, we will drill the 1.5" holes in just the right spot. Just an FYI as to why these are so expensive, the M8 wing bolts only come in stainless steel. Flat Rate USPS shipping is to a USA address ONLY! Canada and International will need to get a shipping quote.

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner rear lower seat cushions.