Fully Adjustable Trac/PanHard Bar FJC 2007+ 4Runner 2003+


Adjustable Trac/PanHard Bar for FJ Cruiser 2007+ & 4Runner 2003+. Yes, this bar is adjustable so it adjusts for your lift height and returns your rear axle/vehicle to tracking straight. But! That is not the main selling point of the part. The fact that you go from a static bushing, which is a pressed in bushing that has an outer shell that does not move and a center sleeve that does not move, these are then connected by a rubber membrane between the two that twists with major limitation in comparison to a standard non-limiting poly bushing with a center sleeve. This is the real benefit of the part. Get the full movement out of your axle that your rear shocks can provide. Constructed from 100% DOM Tube and is very heavy duty. Painted with Rustolium Hammered Black Paint. Production time typically 7-10 working days. Made in USA, made 100% in Arizona, Welding/Fab: Sonoran Steel in Tempe, Bushings: Custom Mold at Daystar in Phoenix, Tube Inserts: Ballistic Fab in Tucson.

NO Heim Joints that wear very quickly and make constant noise!


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