Fully Assembled & Adjustable Front Coil-Overs - Pair


These come fully assembled with new top plates and bushings

(2) of Bilstein Adjustable 5100 Series Front shocks 24-188265

Adjustable from 1.5 to 3.5+" of lift, with heavy duty lower bushing for "real" off road use

(2) of Genuine Toyota Progressive TRD Front Coil 48131-AF090 & 48131-AF100

2 of Toyota 90948-A2003
2 of Toyota 90080-94195
2 of Toyota 90948-01100
2 of Toyota 90177-A0012
2 of Toyota 48609-35030

All of the bushings, top plates, nuts, cups, custom poly retainer, etc. required for complete assembly, Genuine Toyota rubber/parts for the most resistance free movement and all brand new parts. 100% of the parts except for the Bilstein 5100 shocks and custom poly retainers are Factory Toyota Parts, all from the the Toyota Dealer. The only after market items are the shock body itself and the custom poly seats. All parts are Band new.

Custom Polyurethane Top Plates Retainers made to fit smaller trucks top plates and center larger trucks coils. Re-sizes the smaller top plate to hold a larger spring.
Final assembly included for an extremely easy installation, no spring compressor or special tools required, Native shock to the vehicle, no hokey adapters.

These fully assembled units can also be setup for a 3rd Gen 4Runner just specify "4Runner".


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