1998 - 2004 Extreme Rear Suspension Articulation Kit


1998 to 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4WD and 6 Lug Pre-Runner Extreme Articulation Kit. What this does is allows you to "bolt-on" a Rock Buggy class rear suspension. Bilstein 10" travel 5125 shocks are used on the stock mounting points with extended bump stops to adjust for the difference in compressed shock body length (longer) on the up travel. No up travel is lost but a ton, over 4-5" of droop is gained. The stock rear leaf springs on these trucks are inverted, which means that arc upside down, the arc is upward. They smile downward not upward like most leaf springs. This was done by Toyota to make the truck ride smoother on the street, this was also done by Toyota on the front of the 1979 to 1985 Straight Axle Mini-Pickups and 4Runners as well as by GM on front of the the 73 to 87 Straight Axles 4WD's they made for the same reason. A smother road ride. Once you make the decision to "lift" your 1998-2004 Tacoma the inverted leaf spring rear bump stops are no longer going to work for the aftermarket leaf pack that arcs down not up. Resulting in premature sagging of the leaf pack. Why this is not addressed by spring makers I have no clue. But we have addressed the issue. In order to run this articulation kit you MUST install an aftermarket leaf pack with 3" to 5" of lift. We thoroughly tested this configuration on our shop rock crawler. The rear of the buggy is built with a set of factory stock Toyota 2004 Double Cab 4WD leafs we had re-arched, added 2 more leafs and removed the banana overload. See photo below.

Kit MUST be installed along with a set of aftermarket rear leafs with 3" to 5" of lift. Stock shackles are recommended as you do not have to hack up your exhaust pipe. We can supply an outstanding set if needed.

Sonoran Steel Rock Crawler skinned with 1948 Willys Body, 1981 Toyota PU Everything Else. Powder by "Got Propane" 22R.

Kit Includes: Two 10" Travel Bilstein 5125 shocks re-fitted to factory Toyota mounts, Two Competition Bump Stops on custom adapters and one extended rear brake line.

The shocks used in this kit are NOT the same ones we sell for a stock replacement, if you mount these shocks without the bump stop adapters you will over compress them and destroy the shocks from the inside out. The 6252/6253 CAN be used with stock bump stops but give a very limited articulation increase, These 10" travel shocks can NOT be used with stock bump stops.

Here you can see the droop/trave

Here you can see the droop/travel difference between a stock leaf on the drivers side and a high quality aftermarket American Made leaf on the passenger side.

Extreme droop the 10" travel shock allows on this 2000 Tacoma.

Extreme droop the 10" travel shock allows on this 2000 Tacoma.

Rear Axle back on the ground with a set of 3" Lift Springs, Our Extreme Articulation Kit and Our LSPV Bracket.

Here you can see ample up travel and how the bump stops now stop these aftermarket leafs when they go perfectly flat.  This prevents them from sagging over time.

3" Rear lift with our Rear Extreme Articulation Kit installed

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