BB System 6.0


1996-2002 4Runner
1995.5-2004 Tacoma

Each of these kits is put together to make it easier on the owner/installer to replace the parts that Toyota should of put there in the first place. The kit will increase your brake rotor and the piston size, but still keep Toyota parts on your vehicle. This will drastically improve your vehicles stopping ability and also be able to handle the excessive heat from braking. This will reduce the amount or rotor warping and have better response in downhill or trailer towing situations.

This is the kit that will save you money by allowing you to buy the calipers you want. This kit includes everything but the calipers. Specify if you want 199MM or 231MM parts. 231MM has issues with some stock wheels, 199MM does not.

Parts Included:

Genuine Toyota Pins (4)
Genuine Toyota Pin Clips (2)
Genuine Toyota Discs Brake Pads
Genuine Toyota Shim Kit, Anti-Squeal Kit
Genuine Toyota Pad Springs Anti-Rattle Kit
Genuine Toyota Rotors, Left and Right

No calipers are included!

  • Model: BBkit_6.0
  • Manufactured by: Sonoran Steel


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