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Sonoran Steel TRD/Bilstein 5th Gen 4Runner KDSS Lift Kit

Sonoran Steel TRD/Bilstein 5th Gen 4Runner KDSS Lift Kit


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All four shocks are Bilstein 5100 series designed for this specific vehicle which we have further modified to hold the Industry Exclusive Progressive TRD coils we have paired up for the ultimate combo. Front coil-overs are adjustable from 1/2" of lift to 3.75" of lift. You can expect a smooth ride on the street from the soft part of the front progressive springs and the ability to handle hard hits from the stiff part of the front progressive springs. All put together in a package that will not overextend CV joints, ball joints or the KDSS Hydraulics causing premature failure. The rear springs are replaced with a custom made set matched to the rear shocks. The adjustable KDSS specific Trac Bar with free movement bushing ends un-locks this vehicles real potential in the rear end and re-centers the axle under the truck after lifting. Overall lift is up to 3.75" for the front supporting a bumper/winch/skids and 2" in the rear.

Adjustable Trac/Panhard Bar for the KDSS 4Runners. This bar is adjustable so it adjusts for your lift height and returns your vehicle to tracing straight. But! That is not the main selling point of the part. The fact that you go from a static bushing which is a pressed in busing that has an outer shell that does not move and a center sleeve that does not move, these are connected a rubber membrane between the two that twists with major limitation to a standard non-limiting poly bushing is the real benefit. Get the full movement out of your axle that your rear shocks can provide. Constructed from 100% solid cold rolled steel and very heavy duty.

(2)-Toyota TRD Progressive Front Coils, this is an Industry Exclusive!
(2)-Sonoran Steel Custom Upper Top Plate Coil Retainers, Polyurethane
(2)-Bilstein 5100 Series Front Shocks
(2)-Bilstein 5100 Series Rear Shocks
(2)-Old Man Emu 2889 2" Lift Rear Coils
(2)-Toyota (Front Shock Upper Bushing)
(2)-Toyota (Front Shock Upper Nut)
(1)-Sonoran Steel Built KDSS Adjustable Trac/PanHard/Lateral Bar

Front TRD coils come Black from Toyota. The Bilstein 5100 front shocks are "long travel" length. This is the only way Bilstein sells them. It is recommended you pick up an aftermarket UCA. We like the Camburg Ball Joint and the Light Racing Arms. Both use sealed ball joints and provide more then enough movement.

Canadian Customers.  We do ship to Canada.  But you can not put the order in through the online store.  Due to the ever-changing taxes/tariffs/broker fees.  We are sending small parts through the postal service and lift kits through UPS.  If it ships through UPS you will be charged a broker fee and taxes on your side of the boarder.  With the postal service typically, you will not.  But things change constantly.  Most of our Canadian lift kit customers ship to a mail drop on the US side of the boarder and bring the kit over.  We realize that some people live way too far away from the boarder to do this.  In that case UPS and the baloney that comes along with it, is the only way to go.

We can ship to Canada, e-mail us for us custom shipping quote and we will find the best way to get the product to you.  We can then send you a custom PayPal Invoice to settle up.