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1996-2002 - Classic System 1.2

Starting at: $1,575.15

Please Choose:

Vehicle has steel front bumper?

Vehicle has a winch?

Aftermarket skid plates?

ABS Brakes?

Rear of vehicle will be higher

Assemble Front Shocks/Coils

 Sold Out 
DISCONTINUED, this page is left for someone that wants to piece this together on they own. We are done with Bilstein.

The kit with the best "Pure Off-Road Prowess Bar None".

Adjustable 1.5"-3.5" Front & 3.5-4.5" Rear. Lift height depends on model year.

4WD Only.

This kit modernizes the 3rd Gen 4Runner. The 4th Gen 4Runner 2003-2009 was 2" higher in the rear than the front to combat sagging. The 5th Gen 4Runner is as well, 2" higher in the rear than the front, like a pickup truck. These vehicles were made by Toyota this way. The 1.2 kit will build a 3rd Gen 4Runner with a rear that is 1.5" higher in the rear for cargo carrying capability without sagging. This kit can be run on a bone stock truck or on a vehicle with custom bumpers. The kit is adjustable without buying new parts to accommodate the changes.

The rear coils are brand new, they are made of a small diameter wire with wide wraps. They will require some time to settle to the final height. All of the data for this lift kit was compiled with springs that had between 40K and 100K miles on them. These coils will hold out for an extremely long time but are tall when brand new, plan on some settling after install. This is not the case with the front coils, those consist of a large diameter wire with tight wraps, they will not change after install. The kits are built to order based on engine and model year.

If your vehicle exceeds the GVWR of a 3rd Gen 4Runner which is 5250 lbs. we do not have a product for you, this kit will not work for you. The curb weight of a 3rd Gen 4Runner is 3600 lbs. Curb Weight and GVWR are not the same thing.

Production time is typically 5-10 work days depending on volume. Sometimes of the year are busier than others.

(2)-Toyota TRD Progressive Front Coil (48131-AF090 & 48131-AF100)
(2)-Bilstein 5100 Series HD Shocks (24-261425)
(2)-Toyota M12 Flange Stover Nuts (90177-A0012)
(2)-Toyota Upper Front Shock Top Bushings (90948-01100)
(2)-Toyota Upper Front Shock Lower Bushings (90948-01057)
(2)-Toyota Upper Front Shock Top Bushing Retainer (90948-A2003)
(2)-Toyota Upper Front Shock Lower Bushing Retainer (90080-94195)
(2)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Custom Polyurethane Top Plate Retainers
(2)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Front Differential Drop Spacers
(4)-Toyota Front Upper Sway Bar Link Bushings (90948-01003)
(2)-Toyota Front Upper Sway Bar Link M10 Stover Nuts (94184-01041)

(2)-Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser Coils (48131-6A570)
(2)-Toyota Tokico Shocks (48531-69417)
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Adjustable Trac/PanHard Bar
(2)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Extended Bump Stop Adapters with
(2)-Daystar "Competition Style" Bump Stops (KU09014BK)
(2)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Rear Sway Bar Adjustment Brackets
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Braided Stainless Steel Extended Brake Line
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Brake Line E-Clip
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Drive Shaft Zerk Plug
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Parking/Emergency Brake Bracket

Install Guide

Canadian Customers.  We do ship to Canada.  But you can not put the order in through the online store.  Due to the ever-changing taxes/tariffs/broker fees.  We are sending small parts through the postal service and lift kits through UPS.  If it ships through UPS you will be charged a broker fee and taxes on your side of the boarder.  With the postal service typically, you will not.  But things change constantly.  Most of our Canadian lift kit customers ship to a mail drop on the US side of the boarder and bring the kit over.  We realize that some people live way too far away from the boarder to do this.  In that case UPS and the baloney that comes along with it, is the only way to go.

We can ship to Canada, e-mail us for us custom shipping quote and we will find the best way to get the product to you.  We can then send you a custom PayPal Invoice to settle up.

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