1996-2002 - System 1.2 "You Build It/Piece It Together"


Do you want a 1.2 kit, but want to shop around or hunt down some of the parts yourself? Sure, no problem. This minimal kit includes all the specialty parts we make or have custom made, but nothing commercially available. You track down and buy those parts. The photo is a just a stock photo of some front coils and shocks, they ARE NOT included in the kit, they are on the list of parts you need to purchase on your own.

Kit Includes:

1 of 1 Tapered Diff Drop Kit

2 of Custom Polyurethane Top Plate Seats, Mold Number: M20190

2 of Rear shock mounting kits for long travel Bilstein 5100 or Tokico Land Cruiser shocks

1 of Adjustable Trac/PanHard Bar, corrects alignment and more rear articulation over a bracket

2 of Custom rear bump stops/adapters to adjust to either brand long travel rear shocks

2 of Rear sway bar brackets, gives the rear axle more articulation with sway bar connected

1 of 6mm Allen Zerk Plug, prevents damage to rear drive shaft and gas tank skid plate, under long travel conditions.

1 of 3.5 longer rear brake line, Braided/Stainless, for long travel shocks (2001-2002 add $35.00 for second line)

1 of Parking Brake Bracket for long travel shocks


You Purchase (NOT INCLUDED)


Front TRD Coils: 48131-AF090 & 48131-AF100 (1 ea.)

Front Bilstein 5100: 24-261425 (2)


Rear Land Cruiser Coils: 48131-6A570 (2)

Rear Bilstein 5100: 33-187174 (2)


Rear Toyota Tokico: 48531-69417 (2)

Install Guide

This will give you the exact same full kit we sell. The difference is that no phone or e-mail support is available for the "built it yourself kit". Very through directions are included, if something is not working out, you bought the wrong part, we can not fix it and no, that parts was not close enough. If you want full support for install and tire/wheel selections and other non suspension related items, you need to buy the full kit. With this kit we will support the parts we manufacture only. If they are defective we will repair or replace. You can find build it yourself support on the Yotatech and T4R message boards. The bottom line is, if you follow the directions and buy the exact parts listed here you ARE NOT going to have any issues. The kits are built to order based on engine and model year. Production time is typically 5-10 work days depending on volume. Some times of the year are busier then others.


I don't recommend it at all with the front TRD Tundra coils. 99% of them used out there will not work. Nothing from an Access Cab will work, Nothing from a 2WD will work, Nothing from a NON-TRD truck will work, Nothing from 1999-2002 and 2005-2006 will work. The only coil that works and is tall and soft is 2003-2004 Full 4 Door Double Cab, 4WD with TRD Package. The coils have the color codes Yellow-Yellow and Yellow-Blue.

As for the rear lift coils, you can buy OME 890 springs, New LC coils or try to find used LC coils. If you look for used coils, you want to get the FRONT coils (which go in the 4Runners rear) from a 1995-1997 FZJ80. No other years work correctly. Nothing from a Lexus. If the seller does not know what year they came out of, then don't buy them. Counting wraps is not our benchmark, we use actual model years, we CAN NOT tell if the number of wrap are correct, know the model year!

The ONLY used springs you want and will work correctly are One: green/orange/white and the Second: purple/gray/white.

Personally, I would buy new springs. If you DO NOT get the EXACT parts listed here, it is NOT going to come out right.

Aftermarket Coils from other companies ARE NOT substitutions. If you are not willing to follow the formula exactly, then you should not buy this product as your results will not be the same or right.


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