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Retrofit 01-04 Toyota Tacoma Sway Bar on 96-02 Toyota 4Runner


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Retrofit 01-04 Toyota Tacoma Sway Bar on 96-02 Toyota 4Runner Weld on CNC Plasma Cut brackets for the 1996-2002 4Runners lower front a-arms. By welding on these 3/16” thick brackets you are able to literally bolt on a 2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma front sway bar on a 3rd gen 4Runner.

Why would you want to do this? Quite simply, a huge increase in movement.

How much your IFS droops on general trail riding and rock climbing is irrelevant. Because the tire hanging down has no weight on it. With no weight, it will not gain any traction. All of the traction is on the tire that is stuffed. This is exactly why the straight axle is so superior off road. The weight of the truck is always on both tires, all the time, no matter what.

So the ticket to a great IFS front end for trail riding and rock climbing needs as much movement as allowed by the a-arms. The front sway bar on the 3rd gen 4Runner can limit this. The longer the end link, the sooner the stud/bushing end will bind and stop upward travel. You want to stuff that one tire up and keep it stuffed up in the wheel well, like the straight axle trucks. Overly stiff front coil overs and longer than stock and stock front end links with the stud/bushings will prevent this from happening.

In 2001 Toyota rolled out a new sway bar with very short double ball end links for the Tacoma. Back in 2001 the TRD Tacoma was going up against the Jeep TJ in all the magazine reviews. It was Toyota’s premium off road vehicle at the time. So it was equipped with a much better for off road front sway bar.

The double ball short link design will allow the truck to stuff just one front tire much easier. It will also allow the truck to hold the tire up in the wheel well longer and not shoot it back out and tip the truck sideways. FYI the 4Runner will pick up a very small amount of body roll on the street, over the stock 4Runner setup, as the bar now has so much more movement. In fact you can remove and re-install a set of extended travel/length coil overs WITHOUT disconnection ANYTHING on the front sway bar. WOW!

In addition to the 2 brackets we make you need the following Toyota parts, new or used:

1 of 48811-04110 Front Sway Bar
1 of 48810-35020 End Link, Left
1 of 48820-35040 End Link, Right
4 of 90179-12141 Nut

The parts above are from a 2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma 4WD or 2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma 6 Lug PreRunner.

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