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4Runner (96-02) Super Soft Rear Bump Stops

4Runner (96-02) Super Soft Rear Bump Stops


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These Daystar bump stops and adapters replace the very small and stout frame mounted bump stop on 1999+ 4Runners.  (Now recalled on 1996-1998 as well) This would also be an upgrade over the factory bump stop on 1996-1998 4Runners. The Daystar Competition Bump Stop absorbs a great deal of force and greatly lessens rear axle bottom outs. The adapter and the Daystar bump stops are the same dimensions as a stock 1996-1998 4Runner factory bump stop (Version One). The adapters are made entirely out of 3/16" hot rolled steel and welded together and are spray painted black. New metric grade 10.9 bolts are included as well as a pair of Daystar Competition Bump stops and all the hardware needed to fasten them on as well. They are not lower or limiting at all (Version One) and are 100% bolt on. Adapters are painted with Black Rutolium Hammered.

The aftermarket bump stops will not make you a ramp champ. What they achieve is 2 fold. First they obviously lower the bump stops down to match your lift, so they actually work. The stock cones and bump stops with a 2.5” or 3” lift spring are more or less useless. Sure if you hit it hard enough or beat on it enough, you’ll bottom it out, but they are not working as Toyota designed them to with the suspension. The bump stops are designed to start early in the process to absorb the force that is projected into them. The stock bump stops are also the cheapest thing they could find and are of an inexpensive very hard material. So yes with a stock suspension cutting the cones down would be an improvement. On a lifted suspension they are too high up to work properly.

There are FIVE different versions of these bump stops.

The First works with stock, Bilstein 4600 and Old Man Emu rear shocks.

The Second version corrects the longer compressed value of extended length rear shocks. The second version corrects the following shocks: Tokico Factory FJ80 Rear Shocks (48531-69417), Bilstein 5100 (33-187174 also known as F4-BE5-E703-H0 or anything with 703 in it and this is known as long travel).

The Third method is for Radflo 2.0 or 2.5 3rd Gen 4Runner Rear Shocks. Use the entire stroke of the shock and remove the 1" limiting doughnut on the shaft.

The Fourth, Icon FJ/4th/5th 4Runner rears on an 3rd gen (This is known as long travel).

The Fifth, Radflo FJ/4th/5th 4Runner rears on an 3rd gen (This is known as long travel).

The Sixth, FOX FJ/4th/5th 4Runner rears on an 3rd gen (This is known as long travel).

Bilstein 5160 (Requires extensive custom mounting, not sold seperatly by us). Indicate what rear shocks you have in the comments line. Each shock has a different compressed value so the stops must be made specifically for that shock.

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