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Rear Sway Bar Brackets from our 1.2 Lift Kit

Rear Sway Bar Brackets from our 1.2 Lift Kit


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Price: $40.00 Pair and $8.30 for USPS Small Flat Rate Box

This part is included in our 1.2 kit. We have not sold it separately for the last 10 years. There seems to be a demand so we are now willing to sell it separately. It eliminates sway bar bind in the up direction due to a shorter end link and allows additional drop because the bar is raised off the axle tube higher. It also fixes the sway bar rubbing on a e-locker motor. We have ONLY tested this part with the front coils from an FJ80 Land Cruiser. I have no clue if it will work with other coils. We have not tried it with anything else.

You MUST use stock length rear 3rd gen 4Runner end links. Those are actually a bit too long already so your longer than stock links are not going to work.

This product IS NOT returnable. We can not tell you if it will work with some random coil you have. These are built in batches with the lift kit orders. May be 1 to 10 working days before they ship.