1996-2000 System 1.2 - Rear only lift


The 1.2 Rear Only is best paired with "High Speed" Desert Coil Overs such as: Icon/Donahoe, King, Sway-A-Way, Radflow & Camburg. The black Tokico shocks have a higher rebound which matches perfectly the rebound setting of a high speed desert front coil-over. This kit returns the rear bump stops to the frame rails to prevent damage under high speed desert travel. If you run high speed desert with the stock center cones as a rear bump stop you will end up tearing the upper coil bucket and upper rear shocks mount off the side of the frame rail. With the 1.2A kit that will not happen as you will be returning the rear bump stops to the frame rails that will easily absorb the forces with the competition style bump stops. The kits are built to order based on engine and model year. Production time is typically 5-10 work days depending on volume. Some times of the year are busier then others.

(2)-Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser Coils
(2)-Genuine Toyota Tokico Black Rear Shocks & Supporting Hardware
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Adjustable Trac/PanHard Bar
(2)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Extended Bump Stop Adapters with
(2)-Daystar "Competition Style" Bump Stops
(2)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Rear Sway Bar Adjustment Brackets
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Braided Stainless Steel Extended Brake Line
(1)-Sonoran Steel Fabrication L.L.C. Parking/Emergency Brake Bracket

Install Guide

  • Model: 1996-2000 System 1.2 - Rear
  • Manufactured by: Sonoran Steel

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