BB System 4.0


1996-2002 4Runner
1995.5-2004 Tacoma

Each of these kits is put together to make it easier on the owner/installer to replace the parts that Toyota should of put there in the first place. The kit will increase your brake rotor and the piston size, but still keep Toyota parts on your vehicle. This will drastically improve your vehicles stopping ability and also be able to handle the excessive heat from braking. This will reduce the amount or rotor warping and have better response in downhill or trailer towing situations.

The calipers may require some modifications to the dust shield
16" rims required for this upgrade, because of the amount of surface area of the larger rotors.

231MM has issues with some stock wheels, 199MM does not.

Parts Included:

Re-manufactured Brake Caliper-Left
Re-manufactured Brake Caliper-Right
Genuine Toyota Pins (4)
Genuine Toyota Pin Clips (2)
Genuine Toyota Discs Brake Pads
Genuine Toyota Shim Kit, Anti-Squeal Kit
Genuine Toyota Pad Springs Anti-Rattle Kit
Genuine Toyota Rotors, Left and Right

This kit only provides a 199mm Caliper. If you are looking for 231mm Calipers they are offered I our 6.0 kit.

Why? Because the vacuum dual diaphragm brake boosters on 1996-2000 are failing leading people to think that the stock brakes on the 3rd gen 4Runner are in adequate. 2001-2002 has a Hydroboost type brake master with no vacuum booster that directly controls the ABS, there is not separate controller block. When the trucks were brand new, the brakes were not in adequate. The test for a failing booster is put the truck in 4WD low. Drive forward 10 feet or so at 10 mph. Stand on the brakes and stop the truck as fast as you can. If the truck comes to a sudden stop, your booster is fine. If the truck slowly glides to a stop, guess what your booster is shot. So many people do the Tundra brakes thinking Toyota equipped the truck with inadequate brakes, that is not true.

The 199mm Tundra Calipers/Brakes use the same size pad as a 3rd gen 4Runner. The difference is that the rotor is twice as thick and has a huge cooling void to keep the brakes cool. These also bolt on with no cutting of the backing plate.

The 231mm Tundra Calipers/Brakes use the exact same rotor as the 199mm Calipers and are the same width. The difference is that the 231 is longer and has a longer pad. Hence more stopping surface is applied to the rotor. A side note is that Factory Toyota pads are longer, but most aftermarket pad manufactures sand an angled edge to the braking material, resulting in a small pad that is the same size as the Factory Toyota 199. So letís say you get 213 calipers and put Auto Zone pads in, well you have basically a 199 caliper setup with those pads. Cutting the backing plates is required with 231mm Calipers.

Why we donít offer 231 in Kits 1 and 4. For legal reasons. If you booster is working correctly and you install Factory Toyota Pads in a 231mm Caliper and engage a hard stop, your front tires will lock up and slide. Your rear tires will not. This is because the ABS computer is calibrated to a completely different caliper with different coverage. It is actually absurd to think you can just change parts around and not effect a computer controlled brake system. If you want 231mm Calipers we do offer 231mm in the 6.0 kit where you source your own calipers. We provide everything else all Factory Toyota, but you alone make the decision to install the 231mm and the responsibility for that decision is all yours.

I have the 231mm in our 2001, I live in Arizona, it never rains and it does not snow here. But if I did live in a place where it rained a lot and snowed, I would switch to the 199 or put the stock 4Runner brakes back on.

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