Do it yourself Tacoma Manual Hub Swap to a 1996-2002 4Runner.


Junk Yard Tacoma Parts:

MUST be from a NON-ADD Tacoma, 1995.5 to 2004, these are standard cab, short bed trucks, the cheapest 4WD Pickup they make.

Left and Right Steering Knuckle and pressed in Axle Hub: from the upper ball joint down to the 4 legs the lower ball joint bolts to. Make sure all the studs for both the wheels and the hub are present. Make sure all the nuts, washers and cone washers for the hub are present. You don't need anything from the steering or the brake system from the Tacoma.

Left and Right Tacoma Aisin manual hubs: these are black and silver in color. Make sure all the springs and the 6 bolts for each hub cover are present. Make sure the washer/spacer with the spline cut outs as well as the outer snap ring is present.  This is actually the exact same snap ring the 86-95 Pickups with the red hubs used as well.

Left and Right Tacoma Manual Hub Axle Shafts: Make sure both shafts include all parts, there are three sections: Outer CV > Boot with clips > Center Shaft > Boot with clips > Inner Tripod CV. On the end of the inner Tripod CV there should be a D-Ring. The axle shafts simply slide out of the front differential with a slight bit of pressure from a screwdriver, the D-ring compresses with a bit of pressure and the shafts slide out.  If you don't get the Tacoma's axle shafts, you can try buying re-manufactured ones at a local auto parts store and then a week later try turning in your ADD 4Runner axle shafts as the cores to the Manual Tacoma shafts.  They look very close and more than likely the parts place will not even have a clue they are slightly different.

Basically this is what you will need from the junk yard:

Manual Hub Axle Shaft: 43460-09091 (Quantity 2)
Axle Hub: 43502-04030 (Quantity 2)
Axle Hub Nut: 43521-35010 (Quantity 2)
Hub Body: 43508-35040 (Quantity 2)
Hub Cover/Free: 43509-35040 (Quantity 2)
Hub Stud: 90080-11282 (Quantity 12)
Washer with Spline cuts: 90560-27005 (Quantity 2)
Outer Snap Ring: 90520-27023 (Quantity 2)
Cone Washer: 42323-60010 (Quantity 12)
Hub Body Nut: 90170-08036 (Quantity 12)
Hub Body Washer: 90201-08042 (Quantity 12)
Cover Bolt with Washer: 90119-06024 (Quantity 12)

Brand New Toyota Parts:

Complete CV boot kit for 1995.5-2004 Tacoma Axle shaft, same kit for Manual and ADD Tacoma axles, Includes 2 bags of grease, 4 clips, 2 new D-Rings and 2 Boots, DO NOT get a 1996-2002 4Runner boot kit, the boots are actually an older design and will not fit the smaller Tacoma inner tripod joint: 04438-04021 (List $31.96 ea.) (Quantity 2) 

Sealed Bearing, same bearing used by entire truck line: 90369-54001 (List around $60.00 ea.) (Quantity 2)

Outer and Inner axle seals: 90316-69001 & 90312-95001 (List $33.12 ea. & $13.98 ea.) (Quantity 2 Each Number)

Upper Ball Joint Boot Kit: 43324-39015 (List $6.94 ea.) (Quantity 2) 

Inner and Outer Hub Gaskets: 43531-60010 & 43422-60060 (List $1.91 ea. & $1.54 ea.) (Quantity 2 Each Number)

Special Tools Needed:

Hydraulic Shop Press

Toyota Special Service Tool Number: 09318-12010  Google "Toyota SPX"

Big 1/2" Drive Impact wrench to spin the brass nut off with Toyota Tool 09318-12010

4. Various snap ring pliers and CV boot clamp pliers.


Trail Breakage Replacement Parts:

1. Timken/Torrington "radial cage" needle bearings: K30x35x17H, this is the roller bearing inside the spindle assembly.  This part is not sold by Toyota, unless you buy and entire spindle.  It is NOT needed unless you break an axle and the break is at the bearing itself damaging the rollers.


Tacoma Factory Service Manual - Hub Section:

Page: SA-31
Page: SA-32
Page: SA-33
Page: SA-34