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1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner - Rear Polyurethane Body Mounts (Pair)

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner - Rear Polyurethane Body Mounts (Pair)

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Update March 2022, Base Plates are now powder coated satin black. Our cost of the polyurethane has increased 25% recently.

Many years ago back in 2002 when we built our first custom steel rear bumper attached to the frame and not the body, we found you had to gap the bumper at least 1" to prevent body flex from hitting the bumper wings. When you hit the bumper hard on a rock, you were certain to get a body ding from bumper deflection. This is was even with over 1" gaps, between the body and any part of the bumper. The bottom line is the body and frame on the 1996-2002 4Runner moves a great deal.

Years and years went by and we just dealt with the issue, making bumpers with large gaps to prevent damage, but still protect the truck. In this time I acquired a 1990 Toyota 4WD Pickup known as the "Red Truck" and featured in the Jan/Feb 2013 Issue of Toyota 4WD Owner Magazine. In Moab Utah on the Flat Iron Mesa Trail there is an optional canyon off shoot and I took my 1990 truck up it. During the climb I hit the rear winged bumper on a rock much in the manner I had done hundreds of times in my 1999 4Runner. I was certain I had deflected into the body. To my surprise, nothing what so ever happened. I wheeled that truck more and more, amazed at what it could do and the beatings it could take. At this point it puzzled me as to why this truck could take such hard hits and the 3rd gen 4Runner with the same bumper would have so much deflection.

After some investigating I found that the very back 2 mounts on the 3rd Gen 4Runner literally float in rubber and provide no support what so ever. The frame and the body do literally come together and collide. Here you can see how much a stock body mount will move upward and downward with VERY LITTLE force from our press. The solution is a solid style polyurethane body mount that will not allow the body and frame to collide with each other. We have run this mount HARD on our 2001 IFS 4Runner for over 2 years in testing and there are no negative effects only positive ones. While this is specifically designed for a custom steel frame mounted rear bumper, slamming a trailer hitch would have the same effect and this part can also be used on truck with a stock rear bumper. CNC cut steel base plates with a black polyurethane cushion. 100% bolt in and works with or without a body lift. Shipping is flat rate to anywhere in the USA. Canada and International e-mail for shipping rates.

1st stock mount, 2nd Pushing Down, 3rd Pushing Up.

Install Order: The very middle is the black 1/4" thick steel plate. On top of that is the larger puck that has 2 strips in the middle. Above that is a large flat washer. Below the 1/4" painted steel plate is the smaller puck that has one strip in the middle, under that is a large washer. Through the center of the entire unit is a round tube center sleeve.


This is an exact stock replacement, so directions are typically not provided. But here is what you do: 1: Remove entire rear bumper from the body. 2: Pull the carpet and pad back from the cargo area. 3: Take black square covers in the floor off that are directly over the rear body mount bolts. 4: Remove bolts holding rear body mounts through the body. Remove M8 bolts on the mount going in to the frame bracket 5: Jack up the rear of the body, not the frame. Put a long piece of 2x4 wood under the body and jack it up off the frame a bit. 6: Slide out the stock rear body mount. This is the hardest part; the new mount goes in much easier. 7: Lower body back down and re-install all removed bolts. 8: Install your custom rear bumper.

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