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1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner - Strongflex Bushings for Front Lower A-Arms 1995.5-2004 Toyota Tacoma - SUPER SPEC

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner - Strongflex Bushings for Front Lower A-Arms 1995.5-2004 Toyota Tacoma - SUPER SPEC

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the original design from Europe.  But we have made a SUPER version for people that use the vehicle harder than normal.  What we did is make a new sleeve out of USA DOM tube that has tighter tolerances, even tighter than factory.  We extended the length of the sleeve by 1.5 mm and the tolerance between the cam bolt and sleeve is very precise.  So precise that you will need to put anti-seize or grease in there or it is possible the 2 pieces will corrode together.  This happens on stock bushings/sleeves with a looser tolerance.  As with everything in life there are trade offs.  A bit more complex install order and preparation but a more precise fit.  Brand new Factory Toyota OEM cam bolts are recommended.  Glass bead blasted used cam bolts that have had a corrosion barrier applied like paint, are acceptable as well.  But if you want to re-use your rusty old cam bolts, use the original version from Europe.

RED is installed in the front position and YELLOW is installed in the rear position.  The rear mount receives more side force from front impacts on the front tire.  So it needs to be a higher ShA* material.  Toyota resolved this on 2010+ with a considerably larger rear busing all together.  So they found it as a weak point as well.

The kit is for both sides, left and right.

These bushings replace the factory bushings in the factory Toyota Lower Front A-Arm Assemblies on a 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner or 1995.5-2004 Tacoma. RED color - hardness of about 80 ShA* - suspension components have a hardness similar to the original metal-rubber bushes.  YELLOW color - hardness of about 90 ShA* - recommended for racing-sports vehicles, tuned.. etc. The suspension is much stiffer, as at higher speeds is important. Durability ensures stability of polyurethane suspension for many years. However, strength of the polyurethane is many times greater, and the unique properties ensure long lasting comfort. *ShA - means the scale of hardness. More information about Hardness can be found at

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