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Sonoran Steel Fabrication LLC

2003-2023 Toyota 4Runner Heavy Duty Rear Lower Links/Trailing Arms 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2003-2023 Toyota 4Runner Heavy Duty Rear Lower Links/Trailing Arms 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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Center tube is made from 1.5" DOM tube that has 1/4" wall thickness. Strong Flex Polyurethane bushings RED color - hardness of about 80 ShA* - suspension components have a hardness similar to the original metal-rubber bushes. However, strength of the polyurethane is many times greater, and the unique properties ensure long lasting comfort. *ShA - means the scale of hardness. The center hole has a grease trapping grid, these bushings do not squeak or make noise. End tubes are 2 3/8" OD DOM tube with a .250" wall.  The side cable brackets are formed at an angel, made out of 1/4" thick steel and rotated upward 45 degrees to slide over rocks with ease and not be damaged. The front end of the center tube is off set notched upward for more clearance and the rear end of the center tube is off set notch downward to provide maximum axle drop. STEEL-IT® Paint used for maximum corrosion resistance and so you can touch them up after you get trail rash from the rocks.

This product also fits the 2007-2013 FJ Cruiser.

MADE IN THE USA! With American DOM Tube, from American Steel Mills.

Why don't you make custom upper links? The best replacement for the upper links is re-bushing your current stock links with the replacement Strong Flex bushings we sell or new stock upper links from the dealer. The reason why is that you can not make either the lower or the upper links longer than that are, because the upper link brackets on the axle tube already clear the Panhard/trac/lateral bar cross-member by millimeters. Longer links will collide on compression causing catastrophic damage. The upper links will never get hit by rocks and the stock units side twist quite well. The small diameter solid stock will also twist like a torsion bar.
FYI: The first few years that we made lower links we used Rubicon Express, Currie Johnny and Summit Machine socket joints. While these joints did have good side twist movement, the problem was that they wore VERY quickly. Rebuilding the cartridge every year is not something we are interested in.
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