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Sonoran Steel

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner - Fully Adjustable Trac/PanHard Bar

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner - Fully Adjustable Trac/PanHard Bar

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Adjustable Trac/Panhard Bar for 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner, with or without ABS. Yes, this bar is adjustable so it adjusts for your lift height and returns your rear axle/vehicle to tracking straight. But! That is not the main selling point of the part. The fact that you go from a static bushing, which is a pressed in bushing that has an outer shell that does not move and a center sleeve that does not move, these are then connected by a rubber membrane between the two that twists with major limitation in comparison to a standard non-limiting poly bushing with a center sleeve. This is the real benefit of the part. Get the full movement out of your axle that your rear shocks can provide. Constructed from 100% DOM Tube and is very heavy duty. Painted with Rustoleum Hammered Black Paint. Adjustable end is right hand thread so it can be easily serviced by the end user. Production time typically 2-3 weeks. Because after Covid getting DOM steel is not easy.  We can get it, it's a game.  So it may be a bit longer if we have to hit another more expensive supplier for the material. Made in the USA, made 100% in Arizona, Welding/Fab: Sonoran Steel in Tempe and Tube Inserts: Ballistic Fab in Tucson. Bushings Made in the European Union (Poland) by Strong Flex and have a hardness of about 80 ShA. The metrically sized center tube is a perfect fit on the stock M12 metric bolt.  Since the bushing sleeve is identical to what Toyota used, any bushing designed for the stock bar will also fit in these bars.  We do supply StrongFlex Bushings with the part.

NO Heim Joints that wear very quickly and make constant noise! No 1/2" Tube/Heims that do not fit an M12 bolt correctly..

FYI: The reason we do not use/manufacture the drop bracket anymore, which ironically we invented it for the 3rd Gen 4Runner in 2001, is that it simply does not work. It is un-adjustable, so most installers see no benefit as they have a different amount of lift than the fixed weld on bracket compensates for. Basically is does not drop anywhere near enough and is incorrectly sized for most everyone. The discontinued drop bracket also increases the roll center, making the truck more tippy. The correct way to do this with a weld on bracket would be to raise the axle side, not to lower the frame side. Ironically if you do this, the axle comes so close to the frame on full compression that anything higher than the stock bracket will collide with the frame. If the bracket it is welded on crooked to any degree, it negates itself.

The longer Adjustable Trac/Panhard bar is the correct way to solve the problem without side effects, look at all the Jeep TJ and JK lifts, they do it the same way for the same suspension setup. Straight Axle with 4 links and a Panhard/Trac Bar/Lateral Rod.


If you have a 3.4 Liter V6 Engine, then you have ABS. The only 3rd Gen 4Runners that DO NOT have ABS and have an LSPV valve instead are the 1996-2000 Base Model trucks with the 2.7 Liter 4 Cylinder Engine. If the Base Model truck was factory upgraded to 265/70/16 tires, then it was also upgraded to ABS. The NON-ABS bar has a bracket for around coil spring to attach to, which operates the LSPV valve. An ABS truck will have a bar with absolutely nothing welded to it.

FZJ80 Coils: This part is MANDATORY when running the 7.5 wrap cruiser coils (48131-6A570) in the rear that we do in our lift kits. Without the bar, the truck is dangerous. We do not recommend running 8 wrap or higher coils as the spring rate is too low and the lift is too high. This is just a coil recommendation/personal preference, the bar will work with any rear coil. Factory Toyota or Aftermarket.
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