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Radflo 2.5 Front Coil Overs IFP

Radflo 2.5 Front Coil Overs IFP

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Standard or Extended Lengh
600, 650 or 700 Coils
2.5 Size Radflo Front Coil Over. IFP (Internal Floating Piston), 600, 650 or 700 Coils available. Standard or Extended length available. All of these options are available at this one price.

Radflo takes great pride in manufacturing premier shock absorbers that are engineered to outlast and outperform the competition. Through refined craftsmanship Radflo's products are built to order and all component are manufactured from the highest quality materials and machined engineering. As a result our product line is not only efficient but dependable and provide high performance outcomes. Our commitment is to provide top tier client services to our loyal-passionate consumer base and enthusiasts without compromising quality and price. We thank you for selecting Radflo.

California Residents:  Radflo products ship directly from Radflo which is based in California.  According to California Law: Sales and Use Tax Regulations, ARTICLE 18. ADMINISTRATION—MISCELLANEOUS, REGULATION 1706, DROP SHIPMENTS.  If you have the Radflo products shipped to an address in California, you will be contacted AFTER the sale with the amount of sales tax you owe the State of California.  This sales tax will ONLY be collected on Radflo products and not on Sonoran Steel Products which originate from the State of Arizona.

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